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Easter Pastoral letter – 2014

OFFICIAL: The Very Reverend André A. Matthews has been suspended from priestly ministry as of July 18, 2013, and all faculties of the Eparchy of St. George have been revoked. He may not celebrate the Sacred Mysteries or represent himself as a priest.

 Press Release: Sentencing of Very Rev. Andre Matthews

 Holy See grants the extension of our Eparchy to entire Canada

 We encourage people to report any past or present suspected inappropriate behavior toward children

to the International Research Group where an Administrative Investigator will take your call.
The toll free number is 1 877 637 6600
Email: internationalresearchgroup@csi.com
You may also call:
*   Diocese of Canton (330 493-9355)

Încurajăm persoanele să raporteze orice comportament suspect nepotrivit, trecut sau prezent, îndreptat împotriva copiilor, la Grupul de Cercetări Internaționale unde un Investigator Administrativ va prelua convorbirea.

Sunați făra taxare la numărul: 1877 637 6600
Email: internationalresearchgroup@csi.com
Dieceza de Canton
Coordonator pentru Asistența Victimelor – Ann Fosnaught (330-493-9355)