Refreshing Bread – the new RCD Canton podcast!

In an effort to reach out to people where they are and spread the Gospel on a daily basis, but also to bring inspiration, comfort and hope to people in their homes, the Romanian Catholic Diocese proudly presents our very first podcast entitled:

bread and bible

Refreshing Bread:

daily meditations from the Word of God.





Thank you to our enthusiastic podcast team, lead by Fr. Iuliu Muntean and Raul Botha as well as to our contributors, Fr. Ovidiu Marginean, Fr. Iuliu Muntean, Fr. Calin Tamiian and Fr. Paul Voida, and to our reading talents, Silvia Botha and Ann Fosnaught!


Refreshing bread is also live and available to download on iTunes and Google Play!


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Give it a try, subscribe, get refreshed spiritually and share the good news!


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