Tribunal Updates – Marriage Tribunal Forms

Effective immediately, no Petitions, Statements of Facts, Petitioner’s and Respondent’s Questionnaires, Witness Questionnaires and other document forms will be accepted by the Maronite Tribunal unless they are the forms currently found on the Maronite Eparchial website ( under the Marriage Tribunal tab.

The Maronite Tribunal makes every effort to keep these forms current, and we are constantly updating them in an effort to make them more useful for deciding these cases Therefore, when preparing an annulment case, please use only the document forms from the website and do not send in older versions which may be printed off in your parish or the forms of other Tribunals. Outdated forms or the forms of other Tribunals will not be accepted and will result in delays in the processing of an annulment case.

A new Petition (a 5-page form) has just been placed on the website, and this is the only Petition form which will be accepted from now on. This applies to all the other Tribunal forms as well.

Please help the Tribunal to help you by using the correct forms.

Monsignor Francis J. Marini, JD, JCOD
Judicial Vicar
Maronite Tribunal



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