The Stories of “Dreamers”

When the Trump Administration last September rescinded the Obama Administrations executive order protecting undocumented young people who had been brought to this country as children, the President gave six months for Congress to pass the Development, Relief and Education for Alien Minors Act, or DREAM Act. As 2017 draws to a close, Congress now has […]


Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (2018)


Christmastime Is Here (from Charlie Brown to Jesus)

 Watch more inspiring messages from Bishop John Michael Botean.    


Fear Not, Little Flock – Bishop Botean Christmas Message 2017 (EN/RO)

“Fear not, little flock.” So go the words of Jesus from the Gospel of St. Luke (12:32) which I chose as the motto for my episcopal ministry twenty-one years ago. Perhaps, now, thinking about my motto, you might be tempted to ask, “Why not be afraid? We live in frightening times!” And indeed, the world […]


Hirotonire Diaconală la Detroit

Comunitatea greco-catolică Sf. Ioan Botezătorul din Detroit, Michigan a fost vizitată duminică, 22 Octombrie 2017 de către P.S. John-Michael Botean, Episcop al Eparhiei Române Unite cu Roma, Greco-Catolice de Canton, Ohio, S.U.A. În cadrul Sfintei Liturghii Arhiereşti a avut loc hirotonirea în treapta diaconatului a teologului Constantin Hădărag, alături de PS John-Michael slujind Prea Cucernicul […]


The Nazianz Journal – A Shalom TV documentary on life at the Holy Resurrection Monastery

For more information on retreats, prayers, and monastery life, visit Holy Resurrection Monastery:


Constatin Hadarag to be ordained deacon at St. John the Baptist in Detroit

At the Hands of His Grace, Bishop John Michael Botean, Sub-deacon Constantin Hadarag will be ordained Deacon for the Eparchy of St. George Martyr on October 22, 2017 at St. John the Baptist Catholic Church, Romanian Byzantine Rite. Divine Liturgy will begin at 10 a.m., followed by a banquet. All are welcome! St. John the […]


Spotlight: Bishop John Michael Botean on Nonviolence

Bishop John Michael Botean was a guest on Fr. Jim Korda’s TV show, Spotlight. In this interview, Bishop Botean speaks about the history of the notion of nonviolence and places an emphasis on the call to embrace the gospel and nonviolence together. Spotlight is a production of the Catholic Network Television of Youngstown.


Comunicat: Sesiunea de toamna a Sinodului Episcopilor greco-catolici



Tribunal Updates – Marriage Tribunal Forms

Effective immediately, no Petitions, Statements of Facts, Petitioner’s and Respondent’s Questionnaires, Witness Questionnaires and other document forms will be accepted by the Maronite Tribunal unless they are the forms currently found on the Maronite Eparchial website ( under the Marriage Tribunal tab. The Maronite Tribunal makes every effort to keep these forms current, and we […]


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